Requesting a Credit Card

Applying for a credit card is becoming more and more popular in Hungary, which also means that people are using credit cards more efficiently and consciously. It’s a good idea to use a credit card who can stay an accurate, accurate customer, because only then will discounts be added. You can lose a lot with your credit card if you do not follow its rules. If you use your credit card wisely, you can only win with it because it offers you many benefits. You can earn bonus points, get discounts, and even get a cash back. Last but not least, if you have a credit card, you do not have to resort to any other credit if you are financially in need. Let’s look at the procedure for applying for a credit card.

Remember, using a credit card is just like borrowing a personal loan or mortgage, and it is one of the most expensive constructions. If you do not repay the amount on time, you will be charged interest on the debt within the grace period . So it’s not worth using as a supplement to your payment, as it can easily get into a credit spiral and just roll over the ever-increasing debt.

Where to apply?

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  • Internet Banking: If you have Internet Banking, just a few clicks and you can start applying for a credit card. You can save time by initiating a credit card application online quickly and easily.
  • Direct Marketing: You can either apply for a credit card using a direct direct contact (such as a letter with your card), or you can start the process by making a bank phone call.
  • Personal application: A credit card can be applied for in person at the bank branch. In this case, it is worth taking the necessary documents with you as you can save time.
  • While shopping: There are several credit card stores that can be applied for locally. Typically, when buying a larger amount of products, a credit card is required to apply for a credit card.

Documents required for applying for a credit card

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  • valid Hungarian identity card or passport or driver’s license
  • address card
  • bank statement if you do not have a current account with the bank where you apply for your credit card
  • if you move elsewhere, you must have an employment certificate of less than 30 days as an employee, a pensioner with a pensioner certificate or annual notice (or an official copy thereof of 30 days or less), and an entrepreneur with a certificate of income and tax certificate must be presented


Credit card application terms and conditions

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  • Minimum income varies from bank to bank, but is usually a credit card that can be claimed for $ 80,000 a month in net income.
  • The KHR negative list of debtors is a negative reason.
  • Loading your 18th life.
  • Provide the credit institution with the necessary information and contact details.
  • At least 3 months as an employee, or as a retired or self-employed person.


Applying for a Credit Card: Credit assessment immediately

A credit card is just as much a credit as any other credit provided by a financial institution. That is, the credit institution needs to make sure that you will repay the loan so that it conducts a credit assessment. In most cases, there is an immediate, simplified credit assessment, such as when you apply for a credit card in a shop with a commodity loan agreement. Proof of income and personal documents are used to complete the process at the point of purchase.

The product of your choice is immediately yours, you can take it home, but the documents are still sent to the credit assessment department where the credit decision is finalized. There are some stores where you will receive your credit card later and then use it after activation. Regardless of whether the credit card is not yet in your hand the credit agreement is live from the time of purchase, so you will have to repay the loan. In some stores, you will receive a credit card immediately, which you can activate and purchase from there.



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